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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


In With The Old Out With The…

AKA, New Year, same ol’ whiney posts.

But this will likely be the last post before I switch web hosts. As doctors so like to say, ‘Some side-effects may include…’ But hopefully there will be no ‘dead air’. As always, if you notice anything untoward, please give me a jingle… e-mail… tweet… flaming arrow… semaphore…

I needed more space and some features to make the upcoming ‘Detroit’ site possible. There’s also the older concert videos which I haven’t had the time or the web space to present. So there are a lot of plans… if I survive. 😉

NB: I’m writing this from bed. Again. Don’t ask. Instead of opera-tin’ (get it? Even with the grim reaper at my door, I still got it.) But it’s making me even more ADHD than usual laying on my back. To avoid going nuts, I’m trying to remain ‘useful’ by doing stuff I always mean to get round to—like ITEM #318: Re-learn French by watching Canadian TV and old OSS 117 movies. (Did I say ‘going’? It may, in fact, already be too late.)

Another thing I hope to do is finally publish the two or three dozen ‘half-rants’ I never got round to finishing.

For now, I got some sample music to post (finally!) A few of you have heard the ‘alphas’ and I appreciate the comments and support. The most common remark is along the lines of, ‘oh… now I get it.’ And by ‘it’ they mean two things:
a) What’s it all about… how one bridges the gap between a rock band and an orchestra
b) How much work is involved.

As I’ve written ad nauseum, it’s one thing to write a two hour rock show (think Rocky Horror Picture Show.) And it’s another thing to write a two hour concert piece. But it’s like fuckin’ 10 dimensional string theory trying to integrate the two—on every level from dynamics to staging to…

As a quick example, I spent a month totally enamoured of a five minute stretch of music that I thought was ‘done.’ The music is inside a particularly important ‘song’. But then it hit me: what are the characters supposed to be doing while all this musical wonderfulness is going on? I had forgotten that these are actors, not singers. We can’t ‘cut’ to another ‘camera’ like a movie. And they can’t just stand there admiring the band, as in a concert piece. The music has to work with the staging and I have to be seeing the actors at every beat—even if they aren’t singing. In short: I got carried away and forgotten that the characters drive the show. I had a really high quality barf that day. Since then, I’m now doing what I used to see directors do—making little 3×5 storyboard cards for each bit; constantly reminding me as I compose to visualise where the actors are, and what they are doing.

Time for another pill? Bien sur! Je voudrais tant que vous avez 😀

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