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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


My Nose Has Been Waiting Thirty Years For This

Can you say Septoplasty?

Sure. I knew you could. I can’t right now.

But I’m thinking about little else right now having had the surgery a couple o’ days ago. How does it feel? Like I got punched in the nose, then left with straws stuck up me nose.

I’ve had nothing but problems with my snooter since I can remember. Chronic sinus infections; pneumonia; constant runny nose; even a drop in my vocal range of about 2-3 semi-tones. All these because I broke my nose a bunch o’ times in my misspent youth.

I shoulda had this done 30 years ago but frankly, when they described the ‘old’ procedure and outlined it’s 3-4 week recovery time, I just said, ‘Thanks but… er… uh… no thanks, Saddam!’ The current procedure should have me out of these straws in about a week–which is just about all I think I’ll be able to take.

The upsides?
No more chronic infections!
No more drip, drip, drip from November through May!
I may actually be able to breathe!
My singing may improve (OK, that may be reaching) 😀

The healing may be a bit longer than normal, simply because there was a lot more work to be done after all the previous infections and nose breaks. But it’s a small price to pay.

I’m commenting on this not just to explain why I haven’t been doing the usually rants, but to encourage y’all to do something like this… well…er… not this per se, but what I mean is:

This is something that has been pretty darned annoying for three decades. It’s cost me weeks off of work and thousands of dollars. But it was never so urgent that I took care of it. Overall, that was a terrible decision. I definitely shoulda had this done a loooong time ago. I woulda saved time, money and been a lot happier overall if I’d just made the time.

I’ll be back to more musical topics as soon I get the straws out. Until then, I’ll just keep a drainin’.

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