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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Next Stop Niagara

Just got off the phone with Rog and y’all should have just received an e-mail with some final details. I’m about to head out the door and I can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday.

It takes a ton of effort from people who don’t get paid to make these shows happen. Saying ‘Thanks’ as many times as I do sounds phony, but I don’t quite know what else to say.

And I know it sounds all chick-flick sentimental, but the support I’ve received over the years gets me all choked up whenever I think about it; which is a lot. My wind pipe is a mess.

One last thing: I haven’t gone into this for a while, but the state of the music biz continues to deteriorate. There are literally only a few dozen people out there who make a living selling creative music. And I meant that literally. Ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of professional musicians now do not make any kind of living selling music. Rather, they do performances. The CDs or MP3s are simply gift tote bags for people who show up at gigs. In other words, the biz has shifted in the past decade to where almost no music is sold except by the mega-stars. The irony over the original promise of the inter-webs should not be lost. (‘Indy’ artists were supposed to be freed from the thrall of the evil record companies, if you recall.)

Anyhoo, I remain one of the few, the proud and it’s because of you. I’m still able to (barely) pay the bills by selling music. I appreciate the fact that you allow me to create music. I still love doing shows, but it’s especially cool to do them to enhance the music rather than as the only way to get paid for its creation.

If you’re coming to the show, I hope to shake your hand. And I promise you’ll hear some stuff you haven’t heard before. Because for me, these shows are meant to surprise. They’ve always been more for people who already dug what I do. Unlike most artists, this is not just a re-creation of what you heard on the record, but a new way of hearing it. That’s what I dreamed of doing when I started fifteen years ago and that’s what I am so grateful that you allow me to do.

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