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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Nice Cuts (Voting)

The voting for selections on the next record “Nice Cuts” is complete. Thanks to everyone who voted. I dunno if it’s right to call it a ‘greatest hits’ record, but that seems to be the common term of art, so for those of you not clued in? It’s a ‘Greatest Hits!’ record. Actually, if it didn’t sound so bloody pretentious, I’d have called it a ‘Retrospective’. But to do that I’d have to hang with the kind of people who refer to movies as ‘the cinema’.

And the winnahs are:

  1. You Are Loved (Positive) 6:00
  2. Why Don’t You Come In? (Positive) 4:08
  3. On My Way Home (Positive) 2:51
  4. Paul’s Story (Positive) 5:56
  5. What A Wonderful World (Superpower) 4:44
  6. Shy (Superpower) 3:39
  7. Hey Johnny! (Superpower)  2:55
  8. Open Your Eyes (Part II)  (Compartments)  7:30
  9. Too Far (Balance) 3:39
  10. Money (Balance) 3:47
  11. Matters Of The Heart (Balance) 6:25
  12. Teflon (Home) 3:57
  13. Suicide In A Hurry (Home) 4:36
  14. The Best Friend I Ever Had (Home) 5:23

Nice Cuts should be available November 1st 2009 at, Amazon and iTunes; just in time for your Christmas shopping (hint, hint!)

To celebrate, we’re doing a new video called Nice Cuts:An Introduction To JCHMusic. The video will include snippets from each of these songs plus some bits to show off the new album Beautiful Sounds.

A Note On ‘Choice’
One takes a marketing risk letting fans choose. You guys did a great job, but frankly, the ones chosen are not necessarily the ones I would’ve chosen in all cases. So there are one or two selections that I substituted for the ones near the bottom of the voting list. In other words, I replaced the 13th and 14th on the list for two songs that I thought better fleshed out a representation of my catalogue. I did this because the actual ‘winning’ songs were stylistically similar to some already represented (in other words, a couple more ‘angry at your ex-wife numbers.)

  • Small coverUPC:
  • Small coverUPC: 891551441122
  • Small coverUPC: 887311373333
  • Small coverUPC: 887311373333
  • Small coverUPC: 727311370676
  • Small coverUPC: 796883815532
  • Small coverUPC: 884501434966
  • Small coverUPC: 884501434973
  • Small coverUPC: 884501171373
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  • Small coverUPC: 796873020220
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