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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet



We all gotta have it. As you may have noticed, I’ve been redoing the site; mainly this has been after complaints about the speed. It had gotten pretty durned pokey. And while at it, we made a couple of other changes. So…

A couple of announcements:
1. The whole Freebie download thing is much easier now. So for those of you who want something for nothing? You have to do even less of that nothing. If such a thing is even possible.

2. If you purchase individual songs directly, they are now a one-click buy if you use PayPal. No forms to fill out or goofy logins. So it’s as easy as iTunes or Amazon and you get CD audio quality instead of that compressed stuff.

3. I temporarily took down the Detroit site after some bizaare hacking. I noticed this a couple of weeks ago but… as so often happens in life… I didn’t act immediately for the simple reason I just refused to believe it was happening. I mean seriously, with all the institutions, governments, high net worth individuals and mega-celebrity sites out there, why bother a nobody like me? A quick lecture from real webmaster schooled me on automated attacks… it wasn’t about ‘me’. My number just came up for some ‘bot.’ …and that number was just my IP address. After fifteen minutes of techno-speak that went right over my head, ‘Your site has all the protection of a used condom.’ At last, something I understand. So while I’m waiting for the new cond… er… the security upgrade, we’re off the air.


Would that the human body could be similarly be tuned-up.

I don’t normally go on about it, but the health issues have really taken their toll. I dislike public displays and I try like heck to keep in touch with everyone individually, but I’m slipping. So I wanna take a second and thank everyone for their continuing support. Although it may not look like it at times, I am getting there. Whereas last year was spent just getting the logistics together to keep going, ironically now this year is about finding the energy. It’s the classic teenage dilemma: one year you only want the car. The next, you only wish you had some gas. But every time I feel like sayin’ ‘screw this’, someone comes through with a kind word… and even a bit of kit. Forgive me for being a bit melodramatic now. But it is far easier to give money, time and attention to that kid on the news who needs a liver transplant or to buy the CD five minutes after seeing that absolutely amazing show. Helping me do something as esoteric as ‘Detroit’, with almost no visceral appeal, is pretty humbling. I love and salute you all.

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