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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Positive: ‘Classic’ Or New Coke?

So if you’ve been keeping score, we’re taking orders on Positive (2010) and the discs should be in the warehouse, or in your hands, within the next few days.

In the meantime, I want to mention three logistical details.

1. There are still about 100 copies of the original Positive. If you are a completist, or are one of those who takes pleasure in getting ‘a steal’, even if it means the odd button is missing or the paint is just a bit faded, well then, have we got a deal for you! While they last (always wanted to write that) you can purchase the original Positive for a measly $5 plus shipping. Click on the Purchase button at the bottom and it’s yours!

2. If you have the original Positive, you can also order an upgrade to Positive (2010) for a mere $5. If you send yours back, I’ll even throw in the shipping for free, Free, FREE!

3. And if you really want to be clever-clever you can even purchase the original Positive now and then get the upgrade next week and have both for the same price as just Positive (2010). Give the original as a gift, or keep it as a backup. Because, hey, you know, it’s really hard to find a spare copy floating around on the Interweb <cough>,<cough>.

The only thing I want to stress, because I’m hearing it already, is this: please do not refer to the original album as ‘Positive Classic’ and Positive (2010) as ‘New Positive’. I want to make it as clear as a sky of deepest azure that the original record is finito, morté and deader ‘n’ disco. As we say back home, Tá a phoirt sinnte! (It’s tune has been played!) So, once the originals are sold, for all intents and purposes, Positive and Positive (2010) will be one and the same.

If the above information makes you want to grab a copy of the original? Great. If it otherwise impresses upon you that I am much happier with Positive (2010) than I ever was with the original? Now we’re really getting somewhere. Next time, I’ll have some before and after snippets which should give you a sense of what it’s all about and why Positive (2010) was worth three months of my life. And five or ten bucks out of your pocket. 😀

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