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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Thanks For The Tour 2013!

This was a great summer for me. It renewed my faith in humanity. It renewed my faith in myself. It renewed my faith in you. It renewed my bank account. 😀

Six gigs may seem like nothing (especially after all this time) but like I’ve been saying, I didn’t know if I had the vim or vigor to even get on a plane anymore, let alone play shows. But in the end here’s where we’re at:

The new format seemed to go over well. And more than that, as we went along, the shows not only got better; I also enjoyed them more and more. This was easily measured by how wrecked I felt after each show. The first show? I didn’t get out of bed for two days. By San Francisco? I was kinda disappointed that was the last show. Good sign!

The dough is giving me the wherewithal to continue working on the next record: The Solid State Siren. And the energy has me planning the next tour in the winter.

So keep sending emails and use the Come To My Town form so we can build our next itinerary. Should I cover new venues? Or would you like a return visit so soon? I don’t wanna sound like Sally Field here but I really want everyone to feel like I’m back in the game. So don’t be shy about making your feelings known!

I can’t tell you how scared I was when I stepped onto that stage back in June. Everyone made me feel like it had been just a few days since the last show; not four years! Coming from the place I was in my life, it was like a tonic and I will be grateful for that warmth for the rest of my life. To give back a little, I’m planning a special surprise for everyone who came to the shows. Check in yer email in about a week.

And until it gets colder and we meet again,

Keep Rockin’ In The Free World.

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