The Music Of JC Harris

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


The Music Player Doesn’t Work!

Well we can’t have that!

But easy now. There could be many causes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. First of all, you do have speakers, right? You can hear other sounds emanating from your PC, right? Right? 😀

Is Your Web Browser Up To Date?

You should be able to play songs on most common browsers over Windows (IE8 forward, Apple, Google, Firefox and Android type products. If you have a really old computer, you should still be able to play sounds in a clunky way via MP3.

Do You Have An Audio Player That Supports MP3?

Have you listened to other MP3 songs on the Internet? If not, Good Gravy! Get into the twenty first century! Maybe your PC was never set up with a program to properly play MP3 files (the standard file format for downloadable tuneage these days.) If that is indeed the case. If you just emerged from hiding in a cave to find that the Japs lost the war, I recommend the very nice VLC Media Player. It’s not only the best media player I’ve found, it’s also free, Free, FREE!

You See A Big Empty Rectangle On The Screen Where Sounds or Videos Are Supposed To Be?

You may not have the Adobe Flash Player properly installed.You need this to play videos. This is the same software that runs YouTube so most people will have this unless your PC is ancient… ie. more than five years old. 😀

Still Having Problems?

If none of these help, then you probably have a problem with your anti-virus software or firewall or some other darned ‘techie’ problem that requires that’s so simple a child could do it. So our suggestion? Find a child. They seem to know these things. Or try this: here

OK, just kidding. Really… We’ve all been frustrated by computers so it’s important to maintain a sense of humour.

Now, click here (really) to contact us for help.

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