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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


There’s An App For That

Time and again, I’m told to write something periodically to you, Dear Reader, in order that I may keep me at the forefront of your digital consciousness.

But lately? I……………….got nuthin’. Or rather, I got the beginnings of two dozen amazing bits of music-oriented prosody; but nothing complete.

Ironically, when there’s a ton of stuff going on, that’s when I have the least amount of time to write. And the corollary, of course, is when I’m most loquacious, is when musical activity is moving along a steep incline of torpor. At the risk of conjuring the spirit of Andy Rooney: I don’t know what bugs me more? All these famous people Tweeting a bunch of blather; or the 7,123,453 ‘Followers’ who ‘consume’ their 140 characters of bullshit many times each day. (Which begs the question: is bullshit best consumed in many bite-sized morsels every day, or as Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings one tends to get here.

But Even The Interweb Couldn’t Swallow It

I had one such heapin’ helpin’ of steamin’ truth 99% ready to go a few days ago and when I hit ‘Save’ the Interweb took a dump and all was lost, as we say back home: Ar nos na gaoithe. Gone with the wind.

Whether coincidence or synchronicity, at that moment, an advert came on the radio telling me about some insurance company’s new ‘app’, which makes it a one-button affair to file an accident claim using your smartphone. And at that moment the whole insanity of blogs, friends, tweets, followers, apps hit me with the force of a rear-ender on I-5.

Look, are you the kind of person who will download and install such an app? Are you the kind of person who plans on being in enough car accidents where having said button on your phone’s ‘desktop’ will make you sleep easier at night? Are you the kind of person who, when in the immediate aftermath of a car accident will breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing you have one-button access to an ‘e-claim’? And finally, after all that, if you did reach for your iPhone after the shit hits the fan, are your fingers going to be steady enough to thumb in all what happened?

What Is Necessary?

I am periodically asked why a guy with my mad web skills hasn’t already written a JCHMusic App? It’s because I feel that what I do is like that insurance: A product worth having. And it’s good to know it’s available when and where I need it. And I do want to know if anything is new with their products and services. But I really don’t expect anyone to be interested in having ‘one-button needs’ for anything either of us do. In short, there are very few ‘Apps’ that anyone really needs; and many useful things that require no ‘Followers’ (think about all the word ‘followers’ entails from a medium which is supposed to enhance personal freedom. And so I predict that at some point Apps and Followers will become the CB Radios of the 21st Century. Or at least? I sure hope so.

Oh, by the way. I hope to have some new music samples posted Christmas week.

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