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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Update: It’s Like A Tweet-athon

Are you dead? Working @ Mickey D’s?

No and no. But thanks for assuming. If my computer functioned like a Mickey D’s cash register I’d have a button I could press like this:

So Where’s Detroit At?

The score for the opera is 90% complete. I have stopped to focus on finish audio tracking for the JCHMusic album ‘Songs From Detroit’ which I am trying to get done in time for the holidays. The plan is to use that as a promo for another round of fundraising for a live performance.

Seriously, How Is The Health?

Maddening. I’ve spent three weekends this year at the ER now with recurring infections. Who knew you could crack your own ribs just from coughing. The other issue is that my arthritis is a drag. The main reason I don’t post more is because I have to budget the amount of wrist activity. I can only type so much every day. I can only play guitar so much on any given day. So if I have a gig? I don’t type that day. I walk around with ice packs on my wrists, which makes me look like a four year old waiting to go into a pool. I did some of the ‘twiddly’ guitar work last weekend and I’m still paying for it.

So Why Post Today?

Gotta stay connected. Hate Twitter. Hate what it’s doing to how people think. I saw Gore Vidal died today and I realized that I’m kinda like him. Except that I’m not rich, a great novelist or gay. But other than that… he was eulogized as ‘the last man of a generation’ and I knew what they meant. He told the truth. He fudged on tons of details, but the big ideas he wanted to get across are worth considering. What was a hard pill to swallow is that he was such an innate aristocrat that nobody can stomach it. His very accent—which sounded so normal in the era of FDR or Katherine Hepburn now sounds so posh it just screams, “How Y’All Doin’ College Boy?” He knew he had outlived a time where ‘intellectual’ was considered a positive thing. And he made a distinction between ‘nerd’ and ‘smart’.

You Can’t Be Too Sick If You Can Still Rant

True. The other reason I want to remember today is that the item on the news immediately following Gore’s death was that the Tea Party guy won the Texas primary for senator. What do I give a shit about Texas? This: Apparently the candidate won because of “higher than expected voter turnout.” Which means that 8% of Texans turned out for the election. EIGHT. As in, “less than ten”. That’s better than expected.

Look, whether yer Democrat, Republican or Raelian Uncommitted, the reason things are so bad is low turnout. People don’t think their vote makes a difference—and yer right, individually it doesn’t. But if either side could get off the couch enough to win a solid majority, then you’d see somethin’ buddy. It’s the fact that most people don’t vote that’s keeping ‘gridlock’ firmly in place. Even if you think voting is for the lesser of two evils, vote for the less evil and get things moving. Something. Anything.

How About Them Olympics?
Hate ’em. Not the games; the media. I can’t stand all the ‘spoiler alert’ rants on media other than TV. Look, everyone, the TV is delayed. They paid for the rights to show the stuff. Get over it. But what does bug me about the TV is the girliness of it. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear they have Oprah or some other chick deciding what sports to show. It’s all swimming and gymnastics and so on. Where’s the boxing? The discus? All the Greek shit. OK, there is beach volleyball, but if women dig watching other 30 something women in bikinis stretching and diving, well… er… My phone number is… 😀 But seriously, it’s yet another instance of me longing for the good ol’ days of Chris Schenkel and The Agony Of Defeat and so on… The best part I’ve seen was Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony thing. Which leads me to my next rant… Well, as soon as I ice up me wrists for another go.

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