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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


You Will Pay For That!

…one of my fave lines from pretty much any horror or action movie. From Lost In Space to Goldfinger, the bad guy always gets to say that. And I love it every time. (BTW: I’ve been re-watching the Brit TV series House Of Cards and I gotta say, if you want to see the classic Shakespearean-style bad guy, no one could touch Ian Richardson’s Francis Urquhart.)

Part of putting together the new site involved making it possible to purchase songs and swag directly from me and thus bypassing the dreaded iTunes and AmazonMP3. (Don’t get me wrong, if you, like many, find the convenience of these services to be irresistible don’t let me get in the way of their use as a conduit towards buying JCHMusic!) However, in case you hadn’t heard, they do charge me quite the pretty penny to avail myself of their ‘storefronts’.

So now, you can purchase any song directly from moi and bypass the middle man. I get paid a few more centavos and you get your JCHMusic in the highest possible MP3 quality.

Yes, you heard me, higher quality! It’s always been a not too well-kept secret that the music you get via these on-line retailers is not exactly ‘hi-fi’. They down-sample the pristine audio I send them, compressing it until it squeals like that guy in Deliverance.

When this practice was started—prox. ten years ago— it made sense to compress audio. After all, most of us were still ‘dialing up’ via AOL and ‘download times’ were measured in cups of coffee rather than seconds. But that age is, happily long gone. You all have your NetFlix and your Comcast and have no need to be held back with inferior quality. You can have Gigabauds of data if you want it! And I do want to give it to you.

Ninety nine cents at a time.

So next time you’re looking at one of my albums, please click on any ‘$’ link to purchase hi-fi JCHMusic. And then you’ll pay for that. Oh yes! You will!

Actually, I think it sounds better with ‘shall’. Crap. No life of the super-villain for me!

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