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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Tour: The Idea Of March?

This is a biggee. We’re sending out a blast e-mail to everyone who has ever purchased a show ticket or a CD or a digital download or sent us a threatening letter. This is a follow-up to catch any stragglers on various ‘Prog’ fora that may want to get in on the fun.

Forgive the pun, but the ‘idea’ is a series of solo shows in MARCH, 2017. Assuming these go to plan, we’ll then schedule some full band shows for the summer.

As you know, I’ve been fighting health problems that made flying difficult and canceled last year’s shows in a fairly dramatic fashion.

I think we (and by that I mean the unroyal ‘we’ as in me, myself and I) are on top of it. As stupid as it sounds, I’m actually taking a ‘test flight’ or two over the next couple of months to make DOUBLE PLUS GOOD sure everything is OK.

Back to the agenda: I think the solo shows will feature a number of ‘ballads’ that rarely get played, including some (wait for it) covers, of tunes I’ve done previously but swore up and down never to do again. I figure I owe it to the audience to “give ’em what they ask for” given all I’ve put you threw.

Now as a teaser of a teaser (like how Deadpool does a fourth wall break within a fourth wall break equalling sixteen walls?) the summer full band concerts will expand to include a fifth member. Which means they’ll be more exciting, more complex and more expensive. 😀 Seriously. But the upside is that it will give us the flexibility to play material that we haven’t done before since, as you know, I don’t do ‘backing tracks’. It’s all live baby. Why a new member? Two reasons: one, the guitar chair has always been divided between Nick and Sasha. I always wanted to bring them both on board, but it usually didn’t make musical (or financial) sense. Well, the material on Progress simply demands it. You wanted ‘more guitar’ and so you got it. And the price? I can’t figure out how to properly execute it without either a) bringing on a second guitar or b) as a famous drummer once quipped when asked to play a particularly complex part, “Growing a prehensile dick.” In short, this will be the show a lot of you have asked for, for years. As shredly as we can manage. We’ll have some fun, for sure.

But I get ahead of myself–as per usual. Please get back to me on your interest in March dates. I know it’s shorter notice than we usually try to give. But with all due modesty, these things are a test of stamina and in my defense, it’s taken me a good while to make sure my health was really up to the challenge.

You guys are typically great, so I expect to post some tentative dates here by early next week and then? Let the ticketing begin!

If You Aren’t On The List?

PLEASE, pretty please, with sprinkles, fill out the Come To My Town form and let me know where you would like to see our really big shoe. We plan tours using these submissions. As me Gran used to say, “I am not a mind reader!”. 😀

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