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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Tour Info: Fall 2014

If I were 30 years younger… or a real hipster… I’d probably re-title this: “Come ‘n get it, Bitches!” But of course, I’m not. 😀

Ten gigs in thirty days; a serious commitment (for me, anyways.) Note that they are bunched together geographically which means that I must be feeling well enough now to risk flying from one state to another a few days at a time.

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    The initial response from my inner circle has been, ‘why are you skipping over…?’ The obvious answer is that we’re still in beta test mode. I would love to be able to hit several more stops ‘while I’m in area xxx’. But I’m not pushing my luck… as is my normal operating procedure. (I’m feeling Grrrreeeat! Let’s do five more! Hey… why is the room spinning… Uh, oh.) If this goes as expected, we’ll try (again) for Christmas.

    At the risk of self-shilling (gross.) the other reason for these locales is that it was easy enough to get commitments from devotees. Which means there are only a few dozen seats remaining at each venue. So… GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT! Several hosts have already made it clear they will not be accepting ‘walk-ins’ (no fun at all!) so I encourage you to not wait until the last minute.

    I am so looking forward to this you cannot believe it.

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